Audit is an essential part of each company's control procedures when the company seeks to win the trust of its customers and/or partners and to ensure efficient management of the company. An auditor is an independent expert who evaluates whether the company's financial statements show a true and fair view of the company’s situation. Although the auditor’s opinion about the correctness of financial statements is usually relied upon by information users who are independent of the company, our audit brings additional benefits for the company's Management. Audit is intended to reveal shortcomings in the company’s activities, to give proposals and recommendations on how to deal with them and to improve the accounting system. Our audit is in accordance with international and national audit standards. Our services comprise the following:
  • audit of financial statements;
  • internal audit and other services relating to internal control;
  • audit of the use of funding from the EU Structural Funds, funding for projects and assistance funds from other special funds, consultations on related issues;
  • evaluation of the terms of reorganisation of companies with share capital;
  • thematic inspections tailored to address the customer’s needs, including the audit of tax calculations.
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